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Tool to Protect PDF from Printing by authorized person

A successful presentation always has to end, but not without the handing the print outs of the crucial information, for which you are forever dependant on the system of Adobe Acrobat. But your delights in the advantages of the Adobe Acrobat are hugely engulfed by the fear of the files being fully vulnerable to meddling by unwanted person.

The Protect PDF program successfully provides for the completion of the functions mentioned below. You may just disable the features of copy, edit and print on the PDF files or just prevent the files from being opened altogether.

The Restrict PDF software helps with the following tasks:

Protect PDF from Printing
Protect PDF Copying
Protect PDF from Editing

There are two kinds of password to achieve the above mentioned aim:

  1. The user password: This password keeps the whole file shut, thus not even allowing for them to be viewed by the users.
  2. The owner password: This password does allow the user to view the files and their contents, but there is no way for anybody to execute the option of copy, print and edit.

Get a look at the trial version

The trial version of the Restrict PDF, available for free of cost is crucial in understanding the software. Alike the full version the trial version also provides to Protect PDF from Printing, but only up to the limitation of 25 KB.

Facilities the Restrict PDF software offers:

  • PDF files remains unaffected by the features of copy, edit and print.
  • Helps to put both user and owner password in PDF files.
  • The utility being an independent one doesn’t require the installation of Adobe Acrobat to work.
  • The software is workable with windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 and 2007.
  • The software supports Adobe Acrobat up to the point of 9.0.

Now, become capable of handling the work of Protect PDF from Printing or Protect PDF from Editing, all by yourself. Actually with the use of any one of the password (user or owner), within few moments you would be able to provide all the security to your PDF files that would keep them from getting copied, edited or printed by unauthorized personnel.

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Protect PDF from Printing

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