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A solution to Protect PDF from Editing by unwanted person

With the rise in the incidents of hacking and illegitimate online sharing of files, the utility of Adobe Acrobat in the creation of files for various presentation and projects is highly overshadowed by the concern of proper protection for the PDF files.

This problem is easily remedied with a bit of assistance from the Restrict PDF Software, which applies password to the PDF file. The software fully provides to Protect PDF documents from unauthorized person.

The Restrict PDF software helps with the following functions:

Protect PDF Copying
Protect PDF from Editing
Protect PDF from Printing

The Restrict PDF software supports two kinds of password settings:

  1. Protection of the PDF documents: It is easily achieved by putting the user password, which prohibits the very opening of the PDF files.
  2. Protection of the contents of the PDF file: Here, though you get to open and view the PDF documents, the use of the options like copy, print and edit are disabled.

Work of the Demo version

The demo version itself will do to Protect PDF from Editing, but, it is only workable on the files up to the limit of 25 KB. But, that is good enough evidence of the efficiency of the Restrict PDF software.

Advantages of the Restrict PDF software:

  • The password protected file is the copy of the actual file. So, irrespective of numerous other copies of the file and changes made in them, you will also have a version of the file, exactly in the same position as you have viewed it.
  • Whether you decide only to secure the content or the file as whole, the software will help you all the same.
  • The software works with various versions of Adobe Acrobat (up to 9.0) and Windows (98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and 2007).
  • It is an independent utility and doesn’t necessarily call for the installation of Adobe Acrobat to work.

Whether it is to protect the documents through the application of user password or the owner password, the software would be of equal utility. So whatever changes are made in the files, you may always count on the Restrict PDF software to save you one, with all the information intact, as you have viewed it. The software also effectively supports Protect PDF Copying.


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Protect PDF from Editing

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